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Our extensive street food menus bring Taiwan’s night market vibes and fare to Australia, with bites like a Krispy, Kruncy and Juicy Chicken Schnitzel and

Popcorn Chicken.

Krazy Fry’s chicken is halal-certified, chemical free, and caged free Australian chicken pieces that are hand cut and packed individually for freshness.
We use 100% Canola oil for higher boiling point at 175 °C which keeps the flavour inside but crispy on the outside.

Krazy Fry - 11th November_GRIFFIN SIMM_Finals 48.jpg
Krazy Fry - 11th November_GRIFFIN SIMM_Finals 43.jpg

The golden crust, the sheer succulence enclosed within its crusty exterior and the sensation you get the second your teeth sink into and through the crunchy layer to expose all that piping-hot chicken deliciousness—

is frankly all it takes to transport us to gastronomic heaven.


The very thought of fried chicken on an empty stomach, or even on a cold, rainy day is enough to arouse our appetite.

Just thinking about the addictive crunch and tender interior of Taiwanese fried chicken is enough to send many of us into a passionate frenzy.


Head over to Krazy Fry now for a clucking good time!

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